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Netways delivers consultancy and high-quality business technology solutions to governments and organizations across all industries. We aim at exponentially accelerating intelligent evolution of industries through digital transformation of human experience, mind collaboration and thing interaction to attain optimal productivity and foster collective agile innovation.

Netways has been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for more than 20 years of proven expertise in implementing turn-key solutions, based on Microsoft’s latest technologies. As a regional Microsoft Partner and a member of Inner Circle (top 1% of Microsoft’s Business Applications partners around the world), Netways is positioned as a leader in digital transformation. We serve more than 2,500 customers through our worldwide locations, with a solid presence in the MENA region and North America (Canada) Region


Accelerating the evolution of industries through intelligent digital transformation to attain optimal productivity and foster collective agile innovation


This is our methodology of approaching each project to understand our client’s objectives and unlock the hidden potential of what could be done. The four key points form the foundation of our understanding of the customer’s environment and ecosystem components:

People & Things
We begin our Intelligent Digital Transformation journey by defining the customer engagement life cycle and pinpointing the employee-empowering and thing interaction platforms needed for that. As we dive deeper, we define stakeholders, their access rights and set permissions and accessibility to enterprise content.
After assessing the human factor, it’s time to figure out how to engage customers, empower employees by setting up a solid technology platform to support both and transform their products. Technology assessment is done on various levels such as: Communication channels, Content management, Service-oriented architecture, user-interface and of course integrating the intelligent cloud platform with that.
Once the human and machine factors are set, it’s time to bridge the gap between the two. In this phase, we explore the client’s business modules, workflows, processes and operations to design and implement the technology processes. We optimize the client’s operations by enabling automation, management, activity tracking, thing interaction and transforming physical into digital.
We aim to provide our clients with full visibility on their business spectrum using real-time insights, comprehensive dashboards, machine learning in order to anticipate, meet and exceed their customer’s expectations. We believe in injecting intelligence into everything from the customer’s experience, employee collaboration and thing interaction ending with insights and innovative operation optimization.
As Gold Certified Microsoft Partners, we aid our clients to:
  • Empower Employees
  • Engage Customers
  • Optimize Operations
  • Transform Business