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of Retail & Consumer Goods

The retail industry is one of the most affected industries by digital transformation, forcing retailers to evolve to survive. The world of e-commerce and traditional commerce are heading towards being seamlessly merged, and everything is becoming omni-channel. It’s not about the phone or the desktop or the store anymore, it’s about all of those combined with an influx of data, automation and collaboration. E-commerce has been an interesting trend for many years, but today it’s taken center-stage evolving the industry from a brick and mortar transactions into a conversational omnipresent customer experience. Netways partners up with retailers to achieve intelligent digital transformation through:

of Retail & Consumer Goods
  • Providing convenient ways for customers to learn about and choose products and services
  • Using customer analytics to connect customers with the most pertinent products and services
  • Aggregating customer information obtained through multiple channels
  • Providing retail services anytime, anywhere
  • Serving customers over any channel
  • Increased touch points with the retailer
  • Support cross-channel, consistent buying experience
  • Focus on customer Experience
  • Better connect retailers and customers
  • Shorter wait times and faster purchase cycles
  • Increase customized products and services
  • More informed purchasing through price transparency, and access to product information
  • Receive customized offers driven by customers buying behavior
  • Engage with retailer in a personal experience from anywhere
  • Customer connection opportunities
  • 360 degree marketing strategy
  • Campaign management tools
  • Content Management tools
  • Order management
  • Pricing and Promotion visibility
  • Support accurate customer profiling, personalization
  • Increase up-sell and cross-sell
  • Improve collaboration among associates
  • Enable sales associates to work remotely
  • Provide sales associates with deeper customer insight
  • Provide customer-facing employees with real-time data to enable better decision making and recommendation
  • Aggregating customer information obtained through multiple channels
  • Use analytics to Identify new opportunities
  • Adoption of data centric supply chain
  • Increase supplier collaboration by sharing of inventory data and delivery plans
  • Customer and market intelligence analysis
  • Anticipating consumer engagement based on purchase patterns
  • Leverage insight to advise
  • Reduce of cost of transportation and operations
  • Increased innovation in delivering end-to-end experiences in a customer’s journey
  • Improve business insight and workflow
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Improve product’s time to market
  • Reduce costs of providing customer-centric products and services
  • Inventory reduction and warehouse efficiency
  • Supply chain to be more cost efficient and collaborative to win the immense competition
  • Real time inventory and order visibility
  • Increase Vendor partnering
  • Design automation initiatives
  • Reduce waste
  • Accelerated pace of new ideas generation
  • loyalty rewards programs bolsters the brand image
  • Bridge the gap between in-store and digital
  • Closer approximation of customer preferences through their digital footprints
  • Integrated operations facilitate faster and informed product design and development decisions
Vertical Solution Categories
  • Multichannel Customer Experience Management
  • Employee Productivity & Collaboration