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INTELLIGENT Digital Transformation
of Education

With all industries partaking in the paradigm shift of intelligent digital transformation, the education industry holds within it the greatest potential to elevate collective consciousness of the entire planet. However, its transformational pace is lagging behind other sectors because of that great implication and the challenge of packaging all human knowledge in an academic manner. Intelligent educational digital transformation starts with setting up organizational capacity, strategic planning and quality assurance. Netways partners up with educational organizations and academies to:

INTELLIGENT Digital Transformation
of Education
  • Providing convenient ways for students to learn
  • Using student analytics to connect to them with convenient methods
  • Aggregating student information obtained through multiple channels
  • Create personal learning framework
  • Providing knowledge services anytime, anywhere
  • Increased practical touch points with the academics
  • Support cross-channel, consistent learning experience
  • Personalized to each student’s pace, direction and interest
  • Shorter learning process, at the student’s own pace
  • More informed academic direction through sharing of experiences
  • Giving feedback that is implemented in real-time
  • 1-to-1 learning – individual student devices
  • Upload assignment as a podcast
  • Connected to students on a multitude of channels and media formats
  • Skilling teachers and connecting
  • Collate and compare resources
  • Canvass opinions on safe internal social media
  • In-the-know of student needs and knowledge levels
  • Collaboration and sharing of experiences tools
  • Content and Knowledge Management tools
  • Enable sales academics to work remotely
  • Provide sales associates with deeper customer insight
  • Aggregating student information obtained through multiple channels
  • Use analytics to Identify new approaches
  • Instant feedback to students
  • Secure online workspaces for sharing with powerful tools for collaboration
  • Real-time communication and creativity
  • Intelligent academic analytics viewing
  • E-portfolios for assessment
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Design automation initiatives
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Managing cloud-based mobile devices for teachers
  • Accelerated pace of new ideas generation
  • Create creative interactive content
  • Secure online workspaces for sharing with powerful tools for collaboration, communication and creativity
  • Make education omnipresent
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  • Academic Library & Research Platform
  • Mobile Students Productivity