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Netways Event at Hilton Riyadh
Netways hosted a roundtable at Hilton Riyadh to present its end-to-end vision aligning with the national regulations and directives. Focusing on three pillars, Enterprise Application Platform, Intelligent Data Platform, and Artificial Intelligence powered Chatbot services.
  • During this event, Netways Architects and Subject Matter Experts presented the best practices relating to securing, distributing, and providing governance to corporate digital assets while enabling the Line of Business teams to innovate using Low-Code/No-Code approach.

  • Also, Netways reiterated its commitment to focusing on those areas as part of the national direction and governance set forth within the Kingdom. It is honored to actively participate in digital transformation initiatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its neighboring Gulf countries.

  • We invite you to contact us and discover how Netways can elevate your business to new heights. Experience the difference of working with a certified organization that values excellence, customer satisfaction, and data security.