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Netways :: The Intelligent Digital Transformation of Government
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INTELLIGENT Digital Transformation
of Government

The digital transformation of governments is on the rise all over the world on all levels: national, regional, local, supra-national. It is also happening beyond just governments, extending to public transport and national healthcare across various government agency areas. This change is not only driven by the evolution of technology, but also by the rapid change of demographics which renders analog operation models incapable. Netways is assisting governments and governmental agencies to take part in the intelligent digital transformation by providing:

INTELLIGENT Digital Transformation
of Government
  • Providing convenient ways for citizens to take part in resource distribution planning
  • Government as a platform
  • Social inclusion through connectedness
  • Good governance backed with open data
  • Citizen engagement portals
  • Aggregating citizen information obtained through multiple channels
  • Providing governmental services anytime, anywhere
  • Serving citizen over multiple channels
  • Support cross-channel, consistent buying experience
  • Bridging the gap between citizen and governor
  • Increased customized citizen solutions
  • More informed participation in social, political and growth efforts
  • Engage with decision-makers
  • Higher security and trust
  • Improved governance transparency
  • Public feedback based solutions
  • Citizen insights and statistics
  • Reduced complaints
  • Fostering innovation in socio-economic growth
  • Enable municipalities with mobility
  • Operational Flexibility and agility
  • Deeper insights through simple visualization tools
  • Improved access to operational data
  • Open collaborative platforms for connected governance
  • Things as data
  • Automation replaces portals
  • Smart government-wide data & analytics view
  • Intelligent multi-channel decisions
  • Reduced footfall to public centers
  • Reduced operations costs
  • Reduced security management costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Support smoother workflows
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Pervasive risk analytics
  • Securely protecting institutional data
  • Batch processing of data
  • Predictive capacity through data pattern analytics
  • Sustainable Long-term solutions
  • Meeting the needs of rapidly changing demographics
  • Data-driven economic growth
  • Tech-based social inclusion of all citizens
  • Transparent governance
  • Predictive modelling solutions
  • Accelerated pace of new ideas generation
  • Closer approximation of citizen preferences through their digital footprints
  • Leverage of knowledge
  • Responsible Consumption and production
  • Optimizing energy resources
Vertical Solution Categories
Government Records & Document Management
  • Citizen Engagement Platform
  • Multi-Channel Case Management
  • Government PMO & Portfolio Management
  • Government Shared Services
Chamber of commerce:
  • Membership Productivity Platform
  • Multi-Channel Subscribers Platform
Free Zone:
  • Free Zone ERP
  • Free Zone Investors Mobile Worker
  • Free Zone Investors One Stop Shop
Capital Markets:
  • Electronic Intelligent Portfolio
  • Members Accreditation System
  • Municipality Members & Subscribers Engagement Platform
  • Inspection System
  • Municipality Members & Subscribers Mobile Worker