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INTELLIGENT Digital Transformation
of Manufacturing & Resources

Technology has played a central role in shaping the manufacturing industry, from the early days of steam-powered machines to high-volume assembly lines to automation and computer systems. Today, the manufacturing industry is encountering a new kind of revolution, with unprecedented levels of internet-enabled communication between machines, products and people. Manufacturers can now virtually model any product, production or distribution process on intricate collaborative networks to improve agility or optimize operations. Netways partners up with manufacturers to take on intelligent digital transformation through:

INTELLIGENT Digital Transformation
of Manufacturing & Resources
  • Constantly giving feedback
  • Improve brand perception
  • Retain customers, reduce churn
  • Improved product availability
  • Reduced lead time to order
  • Manage distribution orders
  • Monitor inventory lifecycles
  • Manage Distributed inventory (RAW)
  • Manage supply chain performance
  • Manage capacity and consumption
  • Manage production and maintenance even remotely
  • Tap into employee ideas through improved collaboration
  • Use customer insight tools
  • Share ideas seamlessly and collaboratively between individuals and teams
  • Innovate with scheduling efficiency
  • Improve training capacity
  • Empower maintenance crew to make decisions
  • Share consistent views of machinery with operators, technicians and manufacturing managers
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Real-time sharing of data with all stakeholders
  • Improve operational intelligence
  • Perform advanced predictive analyses
  • Generate cross-boundary alerts
  • Provide secure and timely visibility
  • Create simple role-oriented workspaces
  • Optimize transportation and routing
  • Shortened product development cycle
  • Lower product development cost
  • Decrease on-site or service-center remediation
  • Reduce cost of prototyping, physical modeling, and testing
  • Increase time spent engineering
  • Reduce time spent on less-valuable tasks
  • Monetize usage and uptime data through predictive maintenance
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Reduce maintenance costs such as T&E, onsite suppliers, labor, inventory)
  • Improve equipment longevity
  • Reduce misconfiguration or misuse
  • Improve manufacturing process yield
  • Improve control, quality, and standardization
  • Real-time idea generation/selection
  • Virtual concept development
  • encourage virtual product development behaviors and techniques
  • More robust designs
  • Bring market insight into ideation
  • Integrate design for environmental compliance
Vertical Solution Categories
  • Manufacturing Records & Documents Management
  • PMO & Portfolio Management