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Netways IaC Mastery: Partner Success Story with Microsoft.

We're pleased to announce that a case study showcasing our solution “Netways IaC Mastery” is now featured on Microsoft website as a Partner Success Story.

Our solution is a Consulting Service published on Azure Marketplace; you may check it out here: click here

Microsoft Parter Success Story:

Netways IaC Mastery delivers hassle-free deployment of Azure resources and lowers change failure rate by 50%

By designing and implementing secure and scalable solutions on Microsoft Azure, Netways IaC Mastery service helps customers cut costs by 40%.

  • Complex and expensive infrastructure management

Manual configuration and provisioning, lack of version control, and scalability challenges bogged down customers' IT infrastructure management.

  • An IaC service using Microsoft resources

Microsoft partner Netways automated provisioning and configuration of Microsoft Azure infrastructure components, ensuring consistency and repeatability

  • Improving outcomes by minimizing inefficiencies

Netways’ service guarded against negative impact of failed changes, helping organizations recover from incidents 24 times faster and lower change failure rate by 50%.


  • Efficient infrastructure management and automation help cut costs and streamline digital transformation

  • Significant reduction in deployment time and improvement in resource allocation

  • Enhanced collaboration between development and operations teams boosts performance and productivity

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